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Prosimy wypełnić test diagnostyczny:
1. She ___a student.
a) is b) are c) am d) be
2. _______ you Polish?
a) Is b) Do c) Are d) Did
3. She often _____ to the cinema.
a) go b) is going c) are going d) goes
4. I ______ like cats.
a) no b) don't c) doesn't d) not
5. She gets ___ at seven o'clock.
a) on b) up c) over d) in
6. There _____ cigarettes at home.
a) aren't any b) isn't any c) aren't some d) isn't some
7. I'm looking ___ my glasses, I can't find them anywhere.
a) at b) for c) after d) up
8. Susan _______ on the telephone now.
a) talks b) talk c) talking d) is talking
9. ___ you want a sandwich?
a) Do b) Does c) Is d) Are
10. John _____ a red car.
a) have got b) has got c) is having d) have
11. Is he your ___________ ?
a) sister's son b) son's sister c) sisters' son d) sons' sisters
12. She likes _________ cards.
a) playing b) to plays c) play d) to playing
13. I went to see that new film ___ the weekend.
a) in b) at c) on d) until
14. Peter is _____ than Jimmy.
a) taller b) tallest c) the tallest d) more tall
15. _____ you like something to drink?
a) Can b) Do c) Could d) Would
16. He is the ______ student I have ever known.
a) worse b) worst c) worstest d) baddest
17. Joanna _______ arrive yesterday.
a) doesn't b) didn't c) wasn't d) hadn't
18. I often __________ money on stupid things.
a) invest b) spend c) earn d) charge
19. I _____ clean my room, because it is dirty.
a) must b) could c) has to d) can
20. She _____ married in 1987.
a) gets b) got c) has got d) had got
21. She hasn't written to me _____ September.
a) for b) since c) in d) ago
22. She saw Peter while she ________ home
a) drove b) has been driving c) was driving d) driving
23. I sometimes eat __ with friends.
a) up b) out c) on d) away
24. 'The phone is ringing.' - 'I ____ answer it.'
a) will to b) am going to c) going to d) will
25. Food which is kept very cold is _________ .
a) sweet b) spicy c) fresh d) frozen
26. If I _______ Peter, I will tell him to call you.
a) will meet b) met c) would meet d) meet
27. Peter gave ____ all his money to charity.
a) up b) away c) on d) across
28. When I was your age I ______ get up at five every morning.
a) must b) musted c) have to d) had to
29. The flight to America took _____ late.
a) off b) over c) up d) about
30. Watch out! That tree _________ .
a) is going to fell b) is going to fall c) will fall d) will fell
31. English _______ here.
a) speaks b) is speaked c) is spoke d) is spoken
32. I must _________ today. I have a test tomorrow.
a) pass b) revise c) cheat d) fail
33. If I had another £500, I ________ a car.
a) bought b) will buy c) buy d) would buy
34. She isn't _______ well with the new manager.
a) keeping on b) going on c) getting on d) taking on
35. I _______________ Nick for two years.
a) have known b) have been knowing c) knew d) had known
36. I need ___________ about the project.
a) some informations b) any informations c) many information d) some information
37. Could you tell me what ________?
a) is the time b) the time is c) time is d) is time
38. My parents let me ____ on holiday alone.
a) going b) to go c) go d) to going
39. Patrick was used ________ football a lot.
a) to playing b) to play c) play d) playing
40. _______________ your keys?
a) Did you ever lose b) Have you ever lost c) Do you ever lose d) Did you ever lost
41. He is ________ boy.
a) such nice b) so nice c) such a nice d) so a nice
42. You will never finish that job by tomorrow morning unless you ______ some help.
a) will get b) would get c) get d) got
43. I can't afford _________ a new car.
a) to buy b) buying c) to buying d) buy
44. Sorry about the mess - I ______________ the house.
a) paint b) painted c) had been painting d) have been painting
45. He wasn't exactly a stranger - I ________ him before.
a) had met b) met c) have met d) would meet
46. John has given ___ smoking.
a) up b) on c) over d) back
47. Take the umbrella in case it _______ .
a) will be raining b) rained c) will rain d) rains
48. The best rooms in that hotel ______ the bay.
a) view b) look over c) overlook d) overview
49. ____ she was tired, she went to work.
a) As b) Since c) Before d) Although
50. I look forward _____ you next month.
a) to see b) to seeing c) see d) seeing
51. Nick said he ___________ me a lift.
a) will give b) is going to give c) would give d) gives
52. _____________ in Dublin for thirty years next summer.
a) I'll have been living b) I'll have living c) I'll live d) I've lived
53. Margaret accused Nick ____ damaging her bicycle.
a) with b) by c) of d) from
54. This is the first time I _______ her sing.
a) hear b) am hearing c) have heard d) had heard
55. There is always _______ traffic in the city centre at rush hour.
a) strong b) full c) heavy d) hard
56. She didn't come yesterday I wish she ______ .
a) had b) has c) did d) does
57. I'll phone you when _____ back in Paris.
a) I will be b) I would be c) I am d) I will
58. He _____________ her. She is so upset.
a) should not have criticised b) should not criticised c) should not has criticised d) should have not criticised
59. Don't invite John to dinner; I can't stand his bad ______.
a) mood b) mind c) character d) temper
60. It's time we ______ away with our old-fashioned prisons.
a) did b) do c) have done d) had done
61. People demand higher wages because prices are ______ all the time.
a) rising b) progressing c) growing d) raising
62. The gunman ________ the pilot of the plane to change the direction.
a) demanded b) made c) controlled d) forced
63. She came in quietly ________ not to wake up the baby.
a) as if b) so as c) such as d) so that
64. If John had not been late, he ______ his job.
a) would not have lost b) would have not lost c) would not lost d) wouldn't lose
65. _______ of all staff, I would like to wish you a happy retirement.
a) Instead b) In place c) On behalf d) On account
66. What do you mean, he is watching TV? He's supposed _______ the car.
a) to be washing b) to washed c) washing d) to be washed
67. Since the accident he has walked with a ______.
a) slope b) limp c) lame d) strain
68. I have had to ____ my dress dry-cleaned.
a) have b) make c) take d) had
69. She ______ driving to the station every day but then she suddenly decided to walk instead.
a) used to b) had used to c) was using to d) was used to
70. This cloth _____ very thin.
a) feels b) touches c) holds d) handles
71. If I _______ medicine at Yale I wouldn't be a doctor now.
a)wasn't study b)hadn't studied c)didn't study d)hasn't studied
72. I'd rather ___ rich than poor.
a) to be b) being c) be d) was
73. I can't possibly lend you any money; it is quite out of the ______.
a) order b) question c) practice d) place
74. The doctor gave the patient ______ examination to discover the cause of his collapse.
a) a universal b) a thorough c) an exact d) a whole
75. The lions _______________ now.
a) are feed b) are being fed c) are being feed d) are fed
76. The rough sea prevented the ferry ______ .
a) from sailing b) off sailing c) to sail d) sail
77. It's __________ to keep a note of your passport number when you travel.
a) sensitive b) senseless c) sensuous d) sensible
78. James didn't sign the contract until he _______ to his lawyer.
a) has spoken b) spoke c) had spoken d) would spoken
79. He regretted ______ goodbye to her at the airport.
a) not saying b) not to saying c) not to say d) not say
80. I'm so happy to have ____________ this test.
a) got over b) got through c) got past d) go over
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